About Us

At Brand K Integrated Marketing and Communications Ltd we are client champions, achievers, critical thinkers and problem solvers. Our consulting Services cut across Technology, Infrastructure, Education, Health and Energy sectors. We champion solutions around Stakeholder Management, Human Development Training, Event Management, Conference Moderation and Youth Mentorship Programs.

Business Corporate Communications Trainings / Consultancy
We strive to be our partner’s best partner through tailored trainings that match organizations objectives or needs.

Media Relations

Moderation and Public Speaking

Youth Mentorship and Human Development Trainings
We are building an equitable community of visionary young people across Sub-Saharan Africa so that together we can improve lives of those marginalized. We do this through training that revolve around Business and Entrepreneurship, Experiential Education, Public Administration and Civic Education
The training content are practical, relatable and easy to apply. During the sessions we provide room for feedback, and interaction as part of the engagement process.
As part of our corporate social responsibility we give back to the community by offering sessions and programs around Youth Mentorship and human development training.